Senior Design Team sdmay18-36 • Bicycle lidar warning system



In today's connected world, using your smartphone and car infotainment system is becoming part of the daily driving routine. While they put more information and convenience at the driver’s fingertips, they also have the potential to be very distracting. Distracted drivers are a threat to everyone on the road, but bicyclists have the most to lose when encountering a distracted driver. Getting hit from behind is the leading cause of cycling fatalities. There is a growing need for a new safety system that can alert cyclist when a car is approaching from behind and avoid a potentially life-threatening injury.

Our project aims to provide a warning system to improve the safety of bicyclists. This system will warn cyclists of vehicles approaching from the rear. It will utilize a portable LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system mounted on a bicycle, giving the rider an early warning when a vehicle is approaching them from behind.